The Bimbello story isn't complicated. We're just two women who decided to start making kids' clothing because we felt inspired by our own kids. We learned the basics of parenting with our first kids and now, with the younger ones, you could say we're fine-tuning our approach.

To us, speaking to another parent - perhaps a parent reading this story right now - is like having a conversation between professionals.

There are a million things we could talk about, but let's just begin by agreeing that being a parent is already a full-time job.

Now with that out of the way, we can tell you a little more about ourselves.

To begin with, one of us has three kids while the other has two.

What does that mean? 

A lot of inspiration and very little time. That's why our clothing is cool, but first and foremost it's comfortable and practical.

Bimbello clothing is also ecologically friendly - after all, we want to leave this world clean and beautiful for the next generation.

From the creation of ideas to manufacturing the finished items, we work hard to keep the entire collection development process sustainable, and we use locally-sourced materials whenever possible. 

Honesty and efficiency are our guiding principles: they help us form amazing  relationships with our clients; they lead us to better results as a team; and of course, they're pretty important in raising kids. We also believe in playing to our strengths.

Bimbello founder Guzaliya uses her background in logistics to help her navigate the complex supply chains of ethical fashion.

Klava adds an artsy component to the brand, having joined the team after working  in contemporary art and journalism. To her, a little artistic exposure goes hand-in-hand with helping kids develop their taste from the very start. 

We would like to think that we both have a sharp eye for design and branding, making Bimbello clothes shine in more dimensions than one.

Together our goal is to keep inventing cool clothes that will excite our little clients,  please their busy parents, and protect our planet Earth.